About S.A.C.M.

South American Christian Mission was established in 1987 by Paul and Sheri Moreland. They have served in Brazil and Colombia in various areas over the years. They currently are working in church planting/family ministry in Colombia’s beautiful Coffee Capital – Pereira.

Paul and Sheri are second generation missionaries, also known as “Missionary Kids” or “Third Culture Kids”.  Paul was raised in Brazil.  He is one of the sons of William J. “Bill” and Janet M. Moreland.  Sheri was born and raised in Colombia and is one of the daughters of Mark T. and Barbara I. Stringer.

Their ministry is based on fulfilling the “Great Commission”, with special emphasis on “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you”, a part of the commission that is left out by too many in their rush to merely make converts.  This emphasis is reflected in S.A.C.M.’s motto: “… to prepare the saints…” which is taken from Ephesians 4:12.